venerdì 5 novembre 2010

Grey's Anatomy: soundtrak 7x07 "that's me trying"

Who: Nikka Costa
What: “Ching Ching Ching”
When: Mark watched Callie & Arizona pack. Meredith and Derek discuss grants. Cristina walks by. Teddy tells Owen she needs to borrow Cristina for a transplant.

Who: Dark Dark Dark
What: “Daydreaming”
When: Arizona talks to Callie about Africa. Richard congratulates Cristina. Alex gives April a hard time. Lexie catches Mark looking at her.

Who: Sia
What: “Never Gonna Leave Me”
When: Owen tells April, Alex and Jackson that two of their patients are dead. Bailey assists Dr. Stanley with an autopsy.

Who: K’naan
What: “Bang Bang”
When: April and Alex carry the patients to the ambulance. Owen and Alex watch as April drives away. April takes her patients out of the ambulance.