lunedì 4 ottobre 2010

Grey's Anatomy Quotes: Winning a Battle, Losing the War

Meredith: [voiceover] We live out our lives on the surgical unit. Seven days a week, fourteen hours a day, we're together more than we are apart. After a while, the ways of residency become the ways of life. Number one: always keep score. Number two: do whatever you can to outsmart the other guy. Number three: don't make friends with the enemy. Oh, yeah, number four: everything, everything is a competition. Whoever said winning wasn't everything, never held a scalpel.
Meredith: [voiceover] There's another way to survive this competition. A way no one ever seems to tell you about. One you have to learn for yourself. Number five: It's not about the race at all. There are no winners or losers. Victories are counted by the number of lives saved. And once in a while, if you're smart, the life you save could be your own.