sabato 2 ottobre 2010

Grey's Anato,y: 7x02 "Shock To The System" guida musicale

Who: Tobias Froberg
What: “Precious”
When: It’s raining. Meredith pretends to make a breakthrough with her trauma counselor.

Who: The Like
What: “Wishing He Was Dead”
When: Lexie tends to Kerry. Russ and Mitch make Kerry cry. Meredith, Cristina, Jackson, Alex and Lexie watch the footage of the lightening bolt.

Who: Greg Laswell
What: “Into The Mystic”
When: Lexie shows Mark, Derek and Kerry the lightning footage, revealing something interesting. Kerry has a promising recovery.

Who: School of Seven Bells
What: “The Wait”
When: Derek tells Lexie that Mark is afraid of her. Meredith bursts in on April…

Who: Alva Leigh
What: “Calling Me”
When: Callie warns Mark about a significant event in his life. Owen tells Meredith and Cristina that Linda is fine. Meredith tells Derek some sad news.

Who: Home Video
What:”Business Transaction”
When: Warren apologizes to Kerry. Bailey informs Alex that he is having something removed. Teddy updates Paul on Linda’s condition.

Who: Mumford & Sons
What: ”White Blank Page”
When: Lexie has a request for Mark. Bailey and Alex wonder why they are still ok. Bailey holds up a bullet.