sabato 23 ottobre 2010

Grey's Anatomy: soundtrak 7x05 "almost grown"

Who: The Bamboos
What: “On The Sly”
When: Meredith, Cristina, Alex, Lexie, Jackson, and April wait to hear from Richard. Derek, Teddy, Owen, Mark, Callie, Arizona and Bailey wait to hear from Richard. Richard begins speaking to the doctors. Richard talks to the doctors. A group watch the residents work. Callie intimidates Teddy.

Who: Mat Kearney
What: “Head Or Your Heart”
When: Bailey talks to Richard. Roy and Cristina bond. Meredith, Alex, April, Jackson and Cristina take off their navy blue scrubs. Lexie sleeps. Richard gives money to Owen. Derek worries about Meredith.

Who: Kyle Andrews
What: “You Always Make Me Smile”
When: April tries to debate with Cristina over Roy’s future. Mark, Callie, Arizona and Teddy talk about their pitches to Richard. Mark teases Alex. Callie gives Arizona Kleenex. Derek checks up on Meredith and Jackson.

Who: Wait.Think.Fast.
What: “Look Alive”
When: Meredith updates Derek on her surgery. Alex prepares to cut. Mark and Arizona cheer him on. Lexie watches Meredith operate. Jackson is guilt riden. Mark and Arizona watch the surgery. Mindy, Trey and Joanne all wait together. Roy waits. Cristina overhears Bailey, Teddy, and April. Derek watches Meredith operate.