sabato 9 ottobre 2010

Grey's Anatomy: 7x03 "superfreak" colonna sonora

Who: Lissie
What: “Worried About”
When: Meredith invites Cristina to crawl into bed with her and Derek.

Who: Cary Brothers
What: “Belong”
When: Callie, Teddy, Arizona, and Bailey drink and commiserate. Richard and Alex ride the elevator. Tess kisses Jerry on the cheek. April talks about virginity to the group. Arizona and Callie burst into the room, making out. Lexie sees Mark making out with someone.

Who: Ash Koley
What: “Sheep in Wolves Clothing”
When: Callie talks to Meredith about Cristina.Teddy, Mer, and April discuss Gretchen’s virginity. Everyone watches Lexie deal with Jerry the treeman…